File interrogator is software for uncovering any hidden or manipulated information in documents, images, and files. It has been designed specifically for use in law enforcement, counter fraud, and customer verifications/KYC, with the goal of identifying fraudulent manipulation of digital files.

The software is both user-friendly yet powerful enough to be used in complex investigations, with automatic report generation and file hashing for evidential capture.


  • In-depth and extensive metadata analysis, including extensive color coding functions for automatically highlighting important data.
  • Analysis of many file types, including all Image file types, Microsoft Office files, and PDFs.
  • Error Level Analysis for image cloning/copy detection.
  • Hex Data Analysis for the recovery of metadata deleted by fraudsters.
  • Thumbnail Analysis.
  • Automatic report generation with an inbuilt note-taking functionality.
  • Generates hashes of files for evidential integrity.
  • Completely offline, with no ‘phoning home’ or online registration requirement.
  • Portable with low system requirements.
Screenshot 1

Metadata Analysis

File Interrogator’s metadata analysis tool automatically identifies suspicious metadata or metadata that assists in identifying the creator of the file in question. Unlike other tools, File Interrogator displays all available metadata rather than hiding certain fields.

The metadata tool also includes a flexible color coding system to highlight the fields that are important to your investigations.

Metadata Analysis

Error Level Analysis

Error Level Analysis is a forensic methodology for identifying ‘copy-paste’ editing, where one image has been superimposed upon another. This is common in template fraud, where fraudsters use the same base image (such as of a passport or utility bill) and their own headshot or photo.

File Interrogator’s Error Level Analysis tool is easy to use and can help users quickly identify fraudulent or modified images.

Error Level Analysis

Hex Data Analysis

Deleted or overwritten metadata can often be found in the hex data of a file, and File Interrogator includes a hex viewer with a powerful searching capability for finding metadata that criminals or fraudsters believe they had deleted.

The image below shows an example of readable information about the file in the Hex data.

Hex Data Analysis

Who is it for?

File Interrogator is for any investigator, verification agent, or practitioner dealing with potentially fraudulent or manipulated documents, images, or files. This includes:

  • Police and law enforcement
  • Counter Fraud professionals
  • AML officers
  • Verification agents
  • Recruitment officers
  • Housing officers
  • Immigration and border officers


File Interrogator is available for Windows 7+ on a per user, per year basis. If you would like to purchase File Interrogator, please email: Enquries